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Linda Rasins is a Chicago, Illinois-based consultant to organizations, with over twenty-five years of experience in organization development, talent development, training, and human resources. She began her consulting business in 1997, after working within several large organizations as a manager and director of organizational development, training and leadership, development.

Linda completed her Master of Science in Organization Development at Loyola University of Chicago, where she has also served as a part-time faculty member, facilitating the graduate course in Whole System Interventions. She is a member of The Organization Development Network (ODN), the Human Resource Planning Society (HRPS), the Human Capital Institute (HCI), and the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Based on project needs, Linda partners with other consultants who have complementary skills and experience, such as information designers, event planners, executive assessment specialists, and web-based communications experts.

A highly skilled planner and facilitator, Linda is particularly adept at getting all the important issues on the table in a way that encourages open dialogue and constructive action. Her focused yet light-hearted style helps people to relax and be themselves. She has worked effectively with groups of two to two hundred, in every case giving a voice to all participants while staying focused on desired outcomes.

  • Custom-designed solutions for your unique needs
  • Help you get business results by bringing meaning, life, fun, and spirit into the workplace
  • Integrate and align values and sustainability with business focus and results.
  • Help you make your work relationships work
  • Develop collaboration and participation practices that build mutual commitment and ensure workable solutions
  • Work with you to align actions and behavior with purpose
  • Enable people to live out their heartfelt values and give their greatest gifts in the workplace every day
  • Create organizations where people choose to be accountable for the organization's success
  • Develop your capabilities to do what we do, building your capacity for collaborative change
Check out my blog