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We help organizations align, focus, engage and develop talent. We excel in developing the essential, often intangible human elements required for improving and sustaining business results: strategic focus, mutual accountability, collaboration, commitment, and a spirit of community.

Every project we do is custom-designed to meet each client's unique set of business needs, building on your existing strengths, tools and resources. We strive to address multiple needs simultaneously within the following areas:

Talent Management & Leadership Development >>

  • Building top leadership support and involvement
  • Creating a development-focused culture
  • Career development and work-life balance
  • Building employee ownership & commitment to growth
  • Talent engagement
  • Integrating and aligning Talent Management processes and tools
  • Action Learning Teams

Strategic Change Implementation >>

  • Strategic and annual planning facilitation
  • Change planning & implementation
  • Focusing and aligning energy and effort
  • Building commitment and accountability
  • Change leadership coaching
  • Partnering across functions

Developing a Strategic Human Resources Function >>

  • The business case for Strategic HR
  • Change planning; building strategic HR and partnering capabilities
  • HR staff commitment & accountability
  • Partnering with business leaders for win-win HR initiatives
  • Consulting practices and skills for HR

Team Development and Alignment >>

  • Action learning teams
  • Team start-up facilitation
  • Leadership team alignment
  • Team building facilitation
  • Improving cross-functional collaboration

Aligning Culture with Brand, Strategy, and Vision >>

  • Aligning vision, mission, strategy, values, and culture
  • Defining the culture needed to achieve strategy
  • Identify gaps in current culture
  • Building broad ownership and accountability for creating the desired culture
  • Launching high-engagement culture change efforts



Check out my blog