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Executive Leadership Team -- Canada Division:
Development Retreat

The top team responsible for a $1+ billion business wanted to align their leadership practices with their strategies for growing the business, while strengthening as a team. We did some individual interviews, and designed and facilitated an important team retreat. The retreat allowed the group to work together as a team to clarify the leadership required to achieve their business goals, to assess their current competency levels, and to create individual and team development plans. Open dialogue about their views on the business, concerns, and hopes for the future enabled them to make clear and meaningful commitments to each other in support of their learning and development.

Corporate Human Resources Team:
Unifying Around a New Direction

The newly recruited VP of HR at this division of a Fortune 500 company needed to align her team around a changing mission, vision, and strategy, while overcoming some "us vs. them" tensions that had new team members and those with more seniority joining distinct camps. We interviewed the team members, identifying the current state of the team, while uncovering and giving voice to the shared desire to move forward as one unified team. The off-site session we designed and facilitated resulted in a strong, shared commitment to the new direction for the group, and agreement to keep working -- individually and collectively -- to build trust and collaboration.

Consumer Products Supply Chain Executives:
Team Realignment

A rapidly implemented merger between two consumer products companies had lead to some unintended consequences: harsh feelings and unresolved disagreements about the best ways to do things. We convinced all of the key leaders involved to get together for a "post-mortem" session where we objectively reviewed their observations, and they agreed to specific methods for improving future consolidations of their operations. Our direct yet light-hearted facilitation got the critical issues on the table, all the voices heard, and shared accountability established.


Check out my blog