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Business Unit of Global Pharmaceutical:
Strategic & Annual Planning

The CFO of this division was in the midst of leading a transformation toward a more value-added Finance function. He wanted each member of his leadership team to use the same strategic thought process and annual plan format. We designed a planning process that integrated strategic transformation planning, corporate plan requirements, and individual annual objectives. A one day facilitated session helped to ensure that all the leaders were aligned and prepared to craft and track their business plans.

Consumer Products Company:
Merger Integration

Following a merger of three companies, the leader of the Supply Chain function needed to simultaneously develop long term integration plans, manage immediate opportunities for consolidation, and manage business growth. We partnered with the Human resources leader to draft the future organization structure and transition plans aligned with integration cost reduction goals. We facilitated role and function clarification sessions, coached leaders, and developed implementation plans to help get the new organization aligned, energized and effective as quickly as possible.

Fortune 500 Human Resources Group:
High-Engagement Annual Planning

An ongoing commitment to upping the value-add of HR in this company required that the HR leaders help employees think and act strategically. We facilitated annual planning retreats where the group analyzed the changing business environment, internal talent metrics, and company business goals. With a common database of understanding, they were able to develop relevant and aligned objectives for the coming year, while integrating their work across the sub-specialty areas within HR and building a culture of collaboration.


Check out my blog