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Global Service Industry Leader:
Career Development

The US division of this industry leader needed to improve both the pipeline for general management positions and middle managers' satisfaction with their career growth. We partnered with internal Talent Management staff in leading a comprehensive career development effort. The initiative includes:

  • Strong executive ownership; a compelling business case
  • Significant shift in mindset and culture across 3,000 employees
  • Employee ownership and accountability for their careers and growth
  • Managers' ownership and accountability for coaching
  • New "maps" to guide career movement, rewarding breadth of experience and lateral moves
  • Career Development resources on an intranet site

National Voluntary Health Association:
Building Collaborative Leadership Practices

National officers and local chapter executives (over 80 in total) wanted to work more collaboratively with each other, while shifting their semi-annual meetings toward more strategic thinking and planning. Past meetings had a tendency to focus on formal presentations from national, with honest dialogue and debate occurring only in hallways and on breaks. We partnered with them to plan and facilitate a series of leadership meetings focused on strategic thinking, peer learning, and positive dialogue on the issues that matter most to the future of the organization. We established new meeting routines, developed collaborative and strategic leadership capabilities, and created a significant shift in their leadership culture.

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