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Telecommunications Company:
Launching Strategic HR

This sixty member HR group had experienced mixed results in its attempts to shift to a more strategic role. Many HR employees did not understand the need for change, were comfortable in administrative or fire-fighting roles, and were unfamiliar with what "strategic HR" looked like. We planned and facilitated a one day conference that generated a big shift in their thinking. The group decided to launch two initiatives that all agreed were critical to business success - positioning HR to add much greater value.

Multi-national Corporation:
Learning Strategic People Planning

Developed a "strategic people planning process" and coached HR business partners to use it with their client organizations. The use of this process provided a roadmap for key departments in aligning people practices with their business goals; building these capabilities in HR facilitated the shift in their role from serving as administrative "doers" to acting as strategic business partners.

Consumer Products Company:
Business Partnering Skills

To support a redefined role for Human Resources, we assessed needs and developed and implemented custom training and coaching processes. The 50 participating HR professionals developed consulting and business partnering skills while building new practices of coaching and supporting each other in solving real business and people dilemmas. This enabled HR to focus their energies and resources on the critical business needs and opportunities as defined by their clients.

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