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Talent Management & Leadership Development >>

We help organizations build a culture of development - where developing and growing talent is woven into the fabric of day to day business life. Our focus is on getting people at all levels to think and act in ways that support focused learning, development, and growth.

Strategic Change Implementation >>

We help you bring your mission, vision, values, brand identity, and strategic business plans to life. Our planning and engagement processes help individuals, work groups, and functions align and connect their responsibilities with broader organizational strategy and goals. We coach executives through the essential steps needed to enable their people to deliver on a particular strategy or change initiative.

Developing a Strategic Human Resources Function >>

Human Resources groups in large organizations must more closely align their services with business goals and add more value by helping executives and managers think and act strategically when it comes to people. We help HR leaders define what it really means to be a "strategic business partner" in their organization, and work with them to create a roadmap to make that happen.

Alignment and Developing Teams >>

More and more organizations rely on teamwork and collaboration -- especially across levels or functions -- to create the critical mix of knowledge, experience and skills needed to tackle today's business problems. We help teams become more effective and efficient in working together, whether they are a temporary task force team that needs a jump-start, or a leadership group in need of alignment.

Aligning Culture with Brand, Strategy, and Vision >>

Increasingly, organizations find that their internal culture or climate is an important contributor to brand identity and business success. We help leaders define the desired culture, assess the current state, and get employees committed to making the desired culture a day-to-day reality.

Check out my blog