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Our work is grounded in proven organizational development methods, along with a strong philosophical foundation built over many years of fascinating study of people in organizations…

About how we work with our clients…

  • We develop custom solutions for your unique needs. Every organization is truly unique, and every organization is always changing. What works with one group may not work in another, or at another point in time. We develop only custom approaches and processes targeted specifically for the business environment, needs, vision, current state, style, hopes and dreams of each client.
  • We transfer knowledge and capabilities. Good consulting includes building our clients’ change and collaboration capabilities, reducing the need for our services over time. We make our work transparent; we partner closely with client staff and teach them what we’re doing as we work.
  • We build long-term relationships. We add value as we get to know client companies’ business, culture, leaders, structure, politics, etc. Clients appreciate this - so most of our work consists of return engagements with clients we know well.

About what great workplaces do to develop sustainable high performance cultures…

  • Help everyone think and act in service of the whole organization. (Think systemically.) We strive to develop organizations where employees can readily connect the dots: aligning their day-to-day work and behavior with the organization’s purpose, goals, and strategies, with a good understanding of the current business environment. Thinking and acting systemically also requires collaborative partnerships across functions and levels, bridging traditional “silo” behavior patterns. This is our core expertise.
  • Create meaningful, enjoyable work. Increasingly, employees at all levels are seeking meaning, purpose, and fun in their work. This trend will grow with new young entrants to the workforce. We help develop workplaces that enable people to live out their heartfelt values and give their greatest gifts at work. (Oh, and we enjoy our work, too, and have fun with our clients!)
  • Build true accountability and commitment. We believe that the critical commitment needed in most workplaces is not a commitment to the organization, but a commitment to do the right thing – to do the work that will best serve the organization’s purpose and goals. That kind of commitment comes from understanding the big picture and vision for the future, so employees can figure out how they can give their best gifts in service of that vision. It’s about connecting inner yearnings with organizational needs. Under those circumstances, people choose to be accountable for their contribution. Much more powerful than being “held accountable.”
Check out my blog